Written during Vajrasattva retreat, 2006 by Nanc Nesbitt (now Venerable Semkye):

I request you, great Tsongkhapa, most noble one whose profound wisdom and deep compassion helped the Buddha’s teachings return to their original purity and brilliance in the Land of Snows, please listen to me.

The Buddha’s teachings as you have flawlessly perceived them have made their way to the West. Although here only a short time, they are flourishing and transforming the minds of many sentient beings. Sravasti Abbey is a beacon for the Dharma in the West at this crucial time. It is the spiritual home to those committed to generating the 3 Principal Aspects of the Path in their minds for the benefit of all beings.

Oh venerable teacher, we beseech you to come to Sravasti Abbey and impart the distilled essence of the Buddhadharma to those wishing to hold purely the simplicity and discipline of the Vinaya and to those lay practitioners who deeply value the Dharma in their lives and the role of the sangha as the guardians and holders of those teachings. Your sublime wisdom, skillful means, and bodhicitta would serve to inspire the monastics to hear, think, and meditate unceasingly on all you would impart, and by doing so help create peace in a chaotic world.

Grant us this sincere request, oh protector of the holy Dharma. May all beings benefit from our prayers and sincere aspirations.