We’ve raised the roof ornaments!

We wanted you to know right away that the roof ornaments—ganjiras, Dharma wheel, and deer—were successfully installed on the roof of the Buddha Hall on May 16, 2024.

The short announcement video shows some of the drone footage of the event. Venerable Samten’s BBC includes photos and videos from the installation, as well as the entire journey of the roof ornaments.

Photos of Raising the Roof Ornaments

In addition to the monastic community, many of our lay friends joined us for this momentous event. We first chanted praises to Tara to remove obstacles, such as the gusty wind. We then blessed the roof ornaments as they were being installed by chanting the (long form) of Chenrezig’s mantra and then read aloud the Dharmacakra Sutra (which is in the Dharma Wheel).

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