A student at the University of Idaho, Skyler has visited the Abbey a few times. He sent this note with his recent donation.

After becoming fairly familiar with the Dharma, a growing wish to become a bodhisattva has started to motivate all of my actions.  I never realized it until I got to the Abbey last week, but I was becoming a little cynical out there in the “worldly” world, but the teachings did a fantastic job at getting me to consider where I was at on my road map and to focus on my own transformation and errors, rather than those of others.

After being at the Abbey for an hour and interacting with various members of the Sravasti sangha I was able to see the Dharma manifested and flourishing everywhere.  It was a very rapturous moment for me, and it reminded me why I came to the Dharma in the first place.  So thank you all, again for being so humbling, compassionate, generous, and loving.

I hope to visit again!