by Michael Saunders

Michael, a practitioner in our prison outreach program., expresses his gratitude for having met the Dharma through Sravasti Abbey.

Beyond the mesmerizing facade
of samsara’s effervescent show
is the equanimous mind – undefiled
in the Lord Buddha’s luminescent glow.

Upon these silent shores of refuge
is the iridescent lotus of renunciation and peace
where the tempests of the monkey-mind
vanishes into nothingness and cease.

The traditions of Thubten – The Able Ones Teachings
create a crystalline sound
within the iridescent Light of Chodron
The Lamp of Dharma is found.

The view of dependent arising and non-violence
with fathomless compassion are taught and explained
within this purity of no beginning or end
the essence of peace and joy is attained.

Where an infinity of propitiousness
like the Ganges does flow
from the love of spiritual masters
covering all like a blanket of snow

Here where buddha nature becomes reality
and wisdom and compassion are unified as one
countless Tathagata’s emanations dwell
within the rising of the Dharma sun.

I dedicate this merit to all sentient beings and especially Sravasti Abbey that their deeds and Dharma may bring them a glory of eternal bliss and infinite propitiousness