Eight haiku inspired by a stay at Sravasti Abbey by Christiaan Hannes

Sravasti (1)

Caress from afar.
A breeze rustles distant leaves—
and then I feel it.

Sravasti (2)

Lunch at Sravasti.
Insects, birds and minds will fly—
as mountains will not.

Sravasti (3)

Walking and talking
Dharma 24/7.
Venerable indeed.

Sravasti (4)

In military equipoise,
the Buddha’s bodyguard—
she likes cats.

Sravasti (5)

Ah! Abshokya skies
see Tara meadows breathing—
the teacher is all.

Sravasti (6)

A thick broth, this mind!
Can bodhisattva straining
still make it one taste?

Sravasti (7)

The love of loved ones,
what suffering it brings. Oy vey!
The Greene Tara knows.

Sravasti (8)

On Tara meadows
abundant Dharma rains fall
from Akshobya skies.