SpokaneFāVS—pronounced fāves, which stands for faith and values—has become a vital force for communication, conversation, and collaboration in the Inland Northwest, where the Abbey is located. An online news organization, they are dedicated to providing non-sectarian coverage of religion, spirituality and ethics in our region.

Their work isn’t limited to journalism. Partnering with the Spokane Interfaith Council, they organize regular “Coffee Talk” conversations about current issues and co-organized the Good Neighbor Conference: Addressing Hate through Advocacy and Action, which drew about 300 people in December. The Abbey took part in the Interfaith Council’s Meet the Neighbors project last year.

Abbey nuns are now contributing writers for the SpokaneFāVS “Ask a Buddhist” column, and SpokaneFāVS Executive Director and editor Tracy Simmons recently posted an excellent story on Ven. Chodron and the Global Bhikkhuni Award.

Check out the Abbey-related posts detailed below and browse the SpokaneFāVS website. It’s a source of good news and a wonderful example of how people of different faiths and values can come to know, listen to, learn from, and respect each other.