A few years ago the Abbey community talked with me about the “property down the hill,” a 56.23-acre parcel of forests and meadows with a house, some out-buildings, a running stream, and pond.

“Think how great it would be to have this property,” Ven. Chodron mused. “Owning it would protect the Abbey’s privacy and peace. And there’s water, which may be an issue in the future.”

Also,” she continued, “when the community grows and we’re ready to expand, there’s plenty of flat land to build on.”

Time passed, the vision grew stronger, and recently, the Abbey made a $250,000 offer, which was accepted.

When the deal closes today, the “property down the hill” becomes part of Sravasti Abbey, offering a welcoming place, a gateway, to the monastery grounds.

This Abbey will be the home of many monastics in the future and will serve many guests as well. Let’s help this beacon of the Dharma shine in our world.