Jan Howell (now Venerable Tarpa) wrote this during Vajrasattva retreat at Sravasti Abbey, winter 2006.

When the first light rays of dawn awaken the morning sky,
May the words of Glorious Lama Tsongkhapa
Arise in my heart.
May the meaning of these words light a flame of joy.

And when you see the moon, sun, and upper meadow
Recall renunciation, bodhicitta, and wisdom,
Just as The Three Principals instruct.

And when the wind blows through the valley
And you see the small sapling
So well protected by the taller sturdy trees
Then remember: “Yes, I, too, am protected by the mighty ones”
like Lama Tsongkhapa and the Lamrim Chenmo.

The hillside grasses in early autumn
Golden and resplendent in afternoon’s warm sun display.
Each stem a moment of kindness alight with the Lamp of the Dharma.
Teachings of the Able One carrying Tsongkhapa’s lineage
Perennially through the seasons and centuries.
Kindnesses carefully cultivated for other’s benefit each day.

On a clear night Look Up! An awe-striking expanse
84,000 stars in constellation array.
Tsongkhapa too saw constancy of pattern
In Lord Buddha’s 84,000 teachings. Each lucid, pure,
Aglow penetrating the darkness, illuminating the Buddhadharma path.
All pervasive, enduring, and vast.

So yes, yes. Steady your gaze at Sravasti and look within.

Victorious Lama Tsongkhapa is here !