Cheri has been following our Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner talks for some time and wrote this note to the Abbey:

Dear Venerables,

Thank you all so much for everything that you do. I so appreciate all the teachings. For someone practicing alone, far from Sravasti Abbey, they are my life line so to speak. They are so very precious; without them I would fall back fast asleep in no time at all, I am sure.

It has been almost 14 years since I met with these teachings this time round, and I am still amazed each and every day, at the wealth of teachings that come my way, I have done nothing in this life to experience such a rich harvest. To keep creating causes like this is so important to me. Venerable talks about wisdom-fear, and my greatest fear, from the first day I came across Dharma teachings, was being cut off from Dharma teachings.

My main habit is complacency, apathy, an almost magical way of thinking. Day in, day out, I have to make an effort to keep from floating away into lala land. I have to come back and check up often, remind myself – nothing happens by accident, there are no random happenings—- want a chocolate cake? You have to create the causes, Cheri – chocolate cakes don’t just appear out of thin air because you like them, or because you want one and the chocolate fairies like you! I have to create the causes of what I want to experience. Every moment is precious!

That is why I appreciate these Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner teachings so very much, why they put a smile on my dial each and every day, keep me on my happy toes, why they are most precious, why I say thank you so often. Coming back, checking up, receiving teachings like this to guide me? It is most precious, I am so grateful! ♥ Much appreciated.