The following is from Lim Choon Fah, the director of FOSA Singapore. He tells us about Venerable’s and FOSA’s activities. We thought to share this with you along with the great pictures of the Singapore visit (Click here for pictures).

Dear Friends of Sravasti Abbey,

Thank you for your contribution towards the Abbey both financially and the helping out in all aspects of making our talk a successful one. All contributions and effort are heartily appreciated and we look forward for your continued support and encouragement so that we can make the events better for the years to come.

This event was hosted by CAS. They paid for the expenses such as Ven’s Professional Visa/Permit, Poster, her air ticket, and provided all the coordination that smoothed the process of our event.

PKS hosted the Youth Forum and workshop and contributed the advertisement expenses for both newspaper and streets. Taipei sponsored the venue for the Dharma talks.

Awareness Place has been supporting us by consigning CDs, books, beads and accessories for all the events we requested, so that we could raise some funds from it. Page to Stage studio (Operated by Jeaner) has been consigning all the Emi Ooi CDs to us and probably in the future to Sravasti Abbey too (if things work out well).

Sis Doris has initiated the printing of the King of Prayers and the Medicine Buddha Picture, she and her group has contributed whatever necessary to make it available on our Sravasti Abbey table for all our events. We sincerely thank them for all their contribution and look forward to their continued support.

Let me briefly summarize the events (Both Dharma talk and the workshop). We had close to 1100 people for both talks. Personally, I feel like we attracted a lot of non-Buddhists especially on the first night. (We felt this by the way of the questions asked at our booth). The response for the workshop was overwhelming. The initial target was around 30+ , but we attracted close to 80 participants. So the venue was changed to the Stardust.

Our sales over the two nights were very encouraging. More than 80 CDs were sold as well as many other items. The audience was very responsive and supportive toward the Dharma events and in donating to the Abbey.

The events have not ended yet. We still have two more public talks going on, one is tonight in Taipei (See Pictures) and the one tomorrow is in the Buddhist Library. We are still operating our “stall” there. For those who may have missed the chance to purchase items from us you can do so at these two talks (Ha ha).

Anyway, we are not actively involved the last two activities. They are being taken care by PKS and the Buddhist Library itself. As some may have “missed” the two talks, could I suggest that we will go down and attend the talk and let us take the opportunity to learn the Dharma together?

We’re looking forwards for your support in all future activities and support.

Choon Fah