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Guests visit for a few hours, a few days, or even a few months.


The Abbey is opening slowly to fully vaccinated guests only.
Advance registration is required. Register here.
Check out the Event Schedule to explore courses online.

Come visit and meditate in the meadow.

Visiting is by appointment. Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination is required.

All overnight visits also require a completed registration form.

When you come to Sravasti Abbey, you are a guest in our home.  And because we are a monastery—not a retreat center or Dharma center—things may be different than what you are used to.

If you read this section thoroughly, you’ll be well prepared for a visit.

The gong calls all guests to meditate.

Getting Here

Maps, directions, shuttle info


Guidelines for Guests

Etiquette & Agreements


Visit FAQ

What it’s like & What to pack


Stories & Reflections

Sharing experiences

Sravasti Abbey is a home for all sentient beings.
A safe space to explore the Buddha’s teachings and transform the mind.

Come visit the garden and Ananda Hall, the original Abbey building.

“Visiting the Abbey was an engaging and introspective experience that I would recommend to any young adult with a curious mind and an open heart.”

Namdrol Stewart

Edmonton, Canada

“For me, coming to Sravasti Abbey is like a glimpse into the beauty of Buddha nature, and for a time, my practice and mind are strengthened.”

Mary Grace Lentz

Seattle, Washington

“Your community is a blissful land where one can progress limitlessly in the Dharma at any point of entry.”

Gethyn Chilcoat

Vancouver, Canada

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