On Thursday, July 27, Tibetan Buddhists celebrate the first “turning of the Wheel of Dharma,” the occasion when the newly awakened Buddha gave his first teaching and brought the Dharma into this fortunate age.

After the Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, he pondered that his realizations—his Dharma—was profound and not easy to understand. He wondered  if sentient beings were actually ready for his teachings. It is told that the god Brahma requested the Buddha to teach, saying there were beings “with little dust in their eyes” who could understand and benefit from the Buddha’s teachings.

Responding to Brahma’s request, the Buddha thought about the five ascetics who had been his companions when he was immersed in ascetic practices. The Buddha thought they had the potential to understand what he himself had understood during his awakening.

The Buddha found his old companions in Sarnath. There that he gave them the first teaching; the first turning of the Wheel of Dharma. He spoke of the Four Truths of the Aryas: True Dukkha, True Origins, True Cessations and True Paths. This first teaching constitutes the overarching structure within which all Buddha’s teachings can be categorized.

Wheel Turning Day is a very auspicious occasion to engage in virtuous action.

The merit of every virtuous action done on this day is multiplied 100 million times.

Celebrate by engaging in special practices. Here are some suggestions:

  • Take the 8 Mahayana Precepts.
  • Read or recite and reflect on Buddhist sutras, like The Heart Sutra or the Sutra of the Three Heaps (Prostrations to the 35 Buddhas).
  • Watch Ven. Chodron’s inspiring teachings on the Four Truths of the Aryas from the Four Noble Truths retreat
  • Watch Ven. Chodron’s Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner teachings the 16 Attributes of the Four Truths of the Aryas, which help us understand our situation in cyclic existence.
  • Watch Ven. Chodron’s beautiful telling of the Buddha’s life story and reflect how it relates to your own life.
  • Make special offerings to the Three Jewels on your altar and do the extensive offering practice.
  • Make special offerings to your teachers, Dharma center, or monasteries.

In gratitude to our teacher, Ven. Thubten Chodron, create merit by helping to build Prajna House.


Join with Friends of Sravasti Abbey to build a proper residence with running water for our teacher and Abbess. Through this action, you will accumulate huge amounts of merit!

Read about the Prajna House project here.