Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions Course II is now available at Wisdom Academy.

Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions, the book co-authored by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Ven. Thubten Chodron, explores the convergence and divergence of two major Buddhist movements—the Sanskrit and the Pāli traditions—and how they remain as relevant in our world today as when the Buddha gave his first teachings more than 2500 years ago. It delves deeply into the origins and spread of the core tenets of the Buddha’s teaching.

Ven. Chodron began a series of live teachings from the book at Sravasti Abbey in 2014. The Wisdom Academy course features carefully edited videos from those teachings and a well-structured step-by-step study program. The course includes :

  • 10 lessons
  • 1-2 hours of video per lesson
  • Guided prayers/meditations
  • 1 PDF reading per lesson
  • A free ebook of Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions
  • Quizzes to test your understanding of each lesson

You can take the first sample lesson of Course I at no cost.

In the course, Ven. Chodron expertly guides students through Buddhism’s core practices and tenets, such as the Four Noble Truths and the practice of meditation. You’ll learn how the traditions sometimes agree and sometimes differ in their interpretations. Ven. Chodron’s approach illuminates the many ways that all forms of Buddhism, amid their rich diversity, share a common heritage and common goals.

Here’s the praise for the Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions online Course I.

The web site is fantastic, and the course is beautiful and easy to navigate. Video and sound quality were excellent. I love that because it makes it easier to focus on the teachings. I also liked getting weekly reminders when new lessons are posted and the quizzes at end of each weekly lesson.

 – Traci Thrasher

The platform itself is pretty awesome! I love how you click through each piece of the lesson and check things off as you go. It’s very clear, very professional, very visually appealing. I LOVED being part of the course, following along in the book as Venerable taught. Some of it was easy to understand and other parts quite difficult, depending on how often I’ve had teachings on it, but regardless, my understanding has deepened all-around.

– Heather Duchscher

It was a wonderful course and I was glad I could go through it. I could broaden my understanding of four noble truths (16 aspects) in Pali and Sanskrit tradition. This is helpful especially in between the Sravasti Abbey Friends Education courses on First Two Truths and Last Two Truths. The topics on Concentration (Meditative Stabilization) really put things in perspective for me.

– Ramesh Rajagoplan

I thought that the course site was easy to use and navigate, user friendly.  It was easy to start the course without much if any instruction on how to use the course site. There were no technical problems with the course site, everything worked well.

The design of the course and each lesson page layout was attractive, appealing. I liked the simple, clean design and look of lesson pages.

The amount of material covered each week was good. It was nice that all reading material was in each lesson and one didn’t need to purchase books. One could also download the reading transcripts to read on a handheld device if desired.

I really liked having the quizzes rather than essay questions. I was able to get immediate feedback on how I well I learned and understood the material.

– Jack Weinberg

There is a fee for the Wisdom Academy course. Check the Wisdom Academy website for details and to enroll in Course II.