Patsy Koh expresses her encouragement for the Abbey and the website.

For the past few years I have received regular updates of the Abbey’s activities through email. I visit the Sravasti Abbey website frequently and enjoy most when I browse through the photo gallery. Though I am so far away in Singapore and am living a life totally different from that which is shown in the Abbey website, still I can not stop identifying the peace, calmness and the deep sincere motivation of pursuing the Dharma which is portrayed on the website.

So please, continue to do all the great work and keep updating the stuff on the website. Far out here there are people reading and benefiting from all your hard work.

I can only say, “WOW! you guys and gals are lucky and are really blessed to have an Abbey just round the corner and such a wonderful teacher like Ven. Chodron to guide you all!!”

From Patsy Koh